AHA peel

AHA or alpha hydroxyl acids peel is often called light peel and is one of the mildest peels in plastic surgery . If a person does not have time for longer recovery ( for example after TCA or phenol peels ) and wants to shed a rough, dry or covered with uneven pigmentation skin, gentle touch of glycolic, lactic and fruit acids seems to be the right choice. The procedure is fast and simple- only 15 minutes and your skin refreshed.

The same as with TCA peel AHA peel requires a month pretreatment. You might be prescribed Retin A or hydroquinone (especially if you suffer from blotchy skin or pigmentation). Men are usually asked not to shave 24 hours before the peel. When the time for procedure comes you will not need any anesthesia, because it causes only the feeling of light stinging.

AHA peel procedure

Of course preparation for the procedure should involve the consultations with the doctor. You are welcome to ask everything you would be interested in, beginning with the procedure itself, after effects, expectations. To get an idea you can always ask to show some photographs with the patient before and after peel.

AHA peel can be used on the entire surface of the skin or separate areas. The only thing to know that AHA peel as well as other ones can not be done around the eyes. It is good for all skin conditions and all skin types.

As it was mentioned before this cosmetic procedure is simple and quick. It is safe to perform it at plastic surgeons office or outpatient surgical center.  The surgeon will apply AHA peel on the prepared and cleansed from any grease skin for 10-15 minutes then it is removed. The procedure will be finished by rinsing face with the cold water.

 As it is not a deep peel (during which only outer layers are burned off) it usually needs the after-treatment applying the face wash or cream consisting of AHA or even repeating the procedure once again after some time. Depending on the skin problem and the concentration of the peel the procedure can be repeated weekly or monthly.

AHA peel side effects

Some side effects still might appear. Though probably they will not disturb your daily activities. In general patients feel some redness, in rear cases peeling or even flaking. It may last up to 5 days and can be treated with medication.

After your skin is adjusted to treatment you can be proud of more beautiful skin with the increased elasticity, minimized pores and wrinkles and smoother top. You can also say good bye to discoloration of your skin, acne scars, rough, oily or in other words problematic skin.

Things you should know after the AHA peel . First thing to mention is that nothing at all can be applied to the skin at least 3 hours after the procedure. Also avoid sun in addition to this please use the sunscreen with the appropriate UVA and UVB protection. All the recommendations will be given by your physician.

AHA peel cost

Probably you would like to know how much procedure costs. Of course price varies depending on the physician you will choose and on the procedure itself. Basically AHA peel can cost you from 100$.

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