Breastfeeding after breast augmentation

One of the most important functions of the breasts is breastfeeding. Therefore women, who wish and plan to have breast augmentation or any other breast surgery, are concerned whether they will be able to nurse their babies after the procedure or not. This ability after surgery depends upon various factors but the answer to the question is “yes” although you should be aware of all the possible complications and risks.

Firstly, there was a huge concern in the early 90’s with the reports of a so called silicone illness. People and professionals feared that silicone from the breast implants could leak into a mother’s milk and thus affect a baby’s health. However, later studies showed that there was no base to think so, since the silicone molecule was too small to get into the milk ducts.

Now most professionals use saline implants in breast augmentation surgery. They are said to be safe and have no harm to health. Even though there is no evidence that saline solution could pass into the milk ducts, there is no danger since this solution could not harm mother’s or baby’s health.

Some professionals claim that breastfeeding after the procedure could depend upon the type of the surgery and the incision site. Peri-aeroral, made around aerola, incision is believed to be the most risky of all. Nerves and vessels could be damaged during the surgery and then nursing and lactation would be affected. Therefore surgeons mostly choose to insert an implant through the incisions made under the fold of the breast, through the armpits or trans-umbilically (through the belly button) in order to escape possible troubles in baby nursing.

The effeciency of breast feeding

The efficiency of breast feeding depends very much upon the implant placement. Most breast implants are placed under the muscle so that the milk ducts would be not harmed during the surgery.

However, you should understand that breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, which, as any breast surgery, can affect the function of milk ducts. Studies have shown that any type of breast augmentation procedure affects lactation, independently from the incision site, type or placement of an implant. Specialists say that women, who have breast implants, are three times more likely to have insufficient milk supply.

Inadequate milk supply after breast surgery is explained due to the pressure of breast implants on the milk ducts, which then are not able to produce enough milk to nurse the baby. Another reason might be due to the surgery. During the procedure milk ducts can be damaged, especially through peri-aeroral incision, resulting in inadequate milk supply after pregnancy.

An additional problem is that women, who have breast implants , fear to nurse their babies because they somehow believe that breast implants are harmful to the babies. Some women avoid breastfeeding because they are afraid of possible complications due to breast implants. What you should know is that these fears are unreal and should be ignored. Besides, American Academy of Pediatrics state that breastfeeding is a preferred method to nurse the baby and therefore encourages women to breastfeed their babies.

In addition, please note that breast augmentation could result in certain complications, such as mastitis (infection of the milk ducts) and galactorrhea (milk production in a woman who is not pregnant). These complications are rare but you should be aware of them before having the surgery, since they could affect lactation and nursing.

Do not be afraid of breast augmentation surgery even though you still plan to have babies afterwards. Most likely breastfeeding problems are minor due to breast implants. But you should be informed and aware of them so that you can evaluate the ratio of risk and success of this particular procedure. And finally, do not forget to discuss these problems and your future breastfeeding plans with your doctor. With his/her help, you will be able to escape all possible risks and complications in the end.


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  1. Hello I am scheduled for a breast reduction on February 23, 2006. That is in two days and I am scared about the risks of smoking. I am wondering how common it is for womans breast tissue to rot if they are smokers. I am looking for smoker vs. smoker results and not smoker vs. non-smoker. Can you please help me? My e-mail address is Thank-You

  2. Hello I am 18 and I am interested in getting a breast reduction after I give birth, Which is about 5 to 6 months from now. I really need a reduction there is no doubt about that, I want to find the best doctor for the job in my area.

  3. Hi, I had breast reduction about 10 years ago at the age of 16. What are the chances that I will be able to breast feed when I have children. All the information I have read has been fairly negative which saddens me. 😕

  4. I had a breast redcution last week, Today the doctor drained off several ounces of fluid to both breasts because of my complaints of feeling like their is water in them. I never had drains in them. Tonight I am having the same feeling of water in them and even my husband came hear all the fluid. The doctor said he’ll see me next week,it’s painful and swelling again in less than 8 hours from a total of 10 ounces being drained. What should I do? 😕 😕

  5. hi i had a breast reduction 10 week ago, things didn’t go to smoothly and i had a lot of tissue break down but i want to say to anyone that is thinking of having it done, it’s the best thing you could do!!! although there is pain and i times i think things will never get back to normal i know one day my wounds will heal and the bandages will be off. think of this 10 week ago i was a 36GG and could never take my bra off, not even for sleep or making love, now in 5 week i’m going to a wedding and i am wearing a completely backless top, something i never thought would happen. my advice is go for it! you will never regret it!!

  6. :cry I had a breast reduction Lejours Method 6 weeks ago. The right breast vertical scar opened up 4 days after surgery and Pseudomonas was cultured from the wound. There is currently a 2cm diameter and 3cm depth infected wound after continual packing. I have been on oral antibiotics since the surgery and I have also been admitted to hospital for 2 weeks of iv antibiotic therapy – wound is still infected and I am running low grade fever peaks. I have swelling in my left breast and left lateral and front of thorax. There is a sloughy ( not infected) wound under my left breast. Please help!

  7. hi am 18years and i have large breasts like a woman who have 5 children my friends in high school used to diss me and call me all kinds of funny names, and i cant even undress in fright of my friends cos am so shy and i feel neck and back pain always and am even shy to go and buy a bra cos every where i go they only have small size bras, i will be so happy to have these breasts reduced but i havent told my mum yet i dont know if she will agree with me :roll :roll :roll :roll please help me how to convince my mum (

  8. I am 15 years old and a 34DDD. I don’t look like it because i’m small waisted and I carry it well. I have a boyfriend who i love dearly, but I am so self-conscience of this issue that I am afraid to let him even touch that area at all. My confidence level about my body is little to none, all because my boobs are too big and my areolas are bigger than my palm. Should I consider surgery or should I wait it out intil my body has fully developed? Or should I just not do it at all? Is there a need for it with me. Please email me at [EMAIL][/EMAIL]

  9. Can u get me a good exercise for the reducation of breast which we can do at home itself ? 😕 pls send us a good suggestion

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