Exercising after cosmetic and plastic surgery

Everyone wants to feel himself attractive, but not everybody have this gift. That is why many people have decided to go through cosmetic surgery. The majority of them think that the hardest part is to make up one’s mind for the surgery, but this is not true! The most difficult part is the post-operative period.

Many patients ask their doctors, what they should do during the post-operative period. Also, doctors themselves give practical advices to their patients. Sport activities are especially emphasized. This article will be concentrated on exercising after liposuction , breast augmentation surgery , rhinoplasty surgery and laser eye surgery .


Generally, during a few first days’ patients take strong pain medicine and stay at home. On the first week they take milder medicine; during this period they can start light exercises, such as walking, but not impact exercises such as running or aerobics. The decision to go in for sports at one dash will have tragic outcome on patient’s health. On the second week patient can start to use exercise machines, and, finally the running and aerobics can be done other three weeks. There are no strict rules for exercising after cosmetic surgery, because every organism reacts individually, however, doctors recommend their patients to do light exercises. Initially, patients should not attempt too much exercise. Besides, it is rather difficult to do exercises wearing a garment that is why surgeon every time reminds their patients to wait and to start sport activities in a few weeks after the operation. There is no rush!! The scars and bruises should heal. As it was said earlier, the best exercise after the liposuction surgery is walking. All the patients should be physically able to walk in a few days after the operation. Short walks are strictly recommended, because if patient remains in bed he/she increases the risk for blood clots in the legs and lungs. Some patients who underwent the liposuction said that it was very difficult to start walking, because the pain they felt was hazardous, it was impossible to stand up. Also they said they dissipated a lot of energy during the recovery period and they hope that this will never happen again. The best solution would be to do about 25% of usual amount of exercises no matter how hard it would be (practice shows, that everyday it will be easier to do light exercises) and thereafter increase the daily exercise as tolerated.

Breast augmentation

The surgeon who performed the breast augmentation surgery knows what is appropriate for his patient; he/she gives recommendations on what level the physical activities should be resumed. As a rule, heavy lifting, pulling should be avoided for at least six weeks. However, women can do normal activities at any time if they cause no pain or discomfort. Let the body tells the patient what she can do or not do. Gentle walks are allowed within few days after breast augmentation . WARNING: do not return to aerobic exercises for three weeks, because aerobic exercises can raise a blood pressure, which can cause late bleeding and can harm the results. Don’t rush, begin with light exercises! Instead of choosing exercises for the good of your health better focus on massage procedures, it is more useful than sport activities. Breast massage helps to format the shape of it.


People who decided to undergo the rhinoplasty surgery should be very careful during the recovery time. They can start exercising only in a few weeks. It is indescribable dangerous to start doing exercises beforehand. After the rhinoplasty surgery the blood-vessels are very sensitive in the nose area. If you start to do exercises beforehand the vessels will not stand and the nose will start to bleed, what can harm the final results. During the activities the access of oxygen is more active. It influences the healing process. The smallest bruise while exercising can damage the shape of the nose, if it will happen, the new operation will be needed! Keep this in mind! Let your nose to heal properly.

Laser eye surgery

The exercising is very helpful after laser eye surgery . It helps to restore the natural flexibility of the eyes optimizing the visual performance. It is recommended to start exercising in a few days after the laser eye surgery. Exercising helps to improve the eyesight. Patients should do exercises several times a day for a few minutes. Ask your surgeon and he/she will show what exercises should be done. These exercises aren’t necessary, but telling the truth very useful! Everything depends on a patients’ willpower, if they want to they are welcome to help themselves to reach the best results.

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