Scars after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery as any intervention into your body leaves its trace – the scars. Many people before the procedure inquire about the scars which will appear after the surgery, the depth and the size of them as well as the time they will fade away. Naturally every characteristic depends on the part of the body to which the plastic surgery was applied.

At first all scars are read which in time change to pink and also become softer to touch. On the darker skin scars usually look brighter. Some of them can become hypertrophic that is to say the scars are itchy and painful. To some patients the scars might become thicker and extend beyond the skin (keloid). After you have plastic surgery the skin is very sensitive and the areas with the scars should not be any minute on the sunlight.

In general you will have scars after plastic surgery but they are usually not very large ones. After some time they will become almost invisible. There will be only a thin white line.

Scars after liposuction

Such scars are usually very small as the instruments (cannulas) used are of small size and doesn’t require wide incisions. Except those situations were large canullas are used for liposuction . There might me two forms of scars: the true scar or the one with the dark or light spot on the skin (dyschromia). Depending where the liposuction will be performed the scars can appear under the chin, under- the breast crease, along the arm and one or both sides of the abdomen. The scars in some cases might be abnormal, unattractive and of different color. That can require for additional treatment.

Scars after tummy tuck

The surgeon will decide on the type and the length of the scar that is to say it might be from minimal to the one with the circle around the tummy. The scars in the abdomen area are nicely hidden by person’s underwear. In time the scar will become flatter (it takes about a year) but basically it will always be there. After a big weight loss the vertical scar usually is bigger and goes from the pubic hairline to the lower end of the breastbone. Smoking can make things worse for example – result in wider scars and another surgery. After a full tummy tuck the scars will be seen from hip to hip and the navel area.

Scars after breast augmentation

Scars after breast augmentation are a natural thing. However these kind of scars are healed very well. In some rare cases the scars can transform to hypertophic or keloid. Of course there are things which can make the healing process easier. There is a choice of self-care scar therapy and surgical treatment. The first one includes the usage of silicone gels, Vitamin E, mederma (gel containing onion extract) or rose hip oil (its fatties are extremely helpful for the tissues repairing). If you want to make your breasts smaller you will have to face scaring after the breast reduction surgery.

Scars after rhinoplasty

There’s open and closed rhinoplasty . As closed one is performed through inside the nose the scars are invisible. An open surgery leaves a small incision under the tip of the nose that will result in fine-line scar which will soon fade away.

Scars after blepharoplasty

Scars after blepharoplasty are almost invisible except of course some rare cases when hypertophic ir keloid scars begin to form. Eyelid skin is the thinnest one in the body and keloid scars may appear because of various reasons such as leaving in sutures for too long or removing the excessive skin. In order to fasten the healing process every patient should firs of all rest enough, use ice compresses, protect from the sun and wear sunglasses, no smoking or alcohol consumption.

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