Teens and plastic surgery

Perhaps that should not even be surprising that teenagers have started applying the plastic surgery topic for themselves. The very first reason for the cosmetic surgery being the desire to look younger, it is no longer relevant for today. Young people are as interested in changing something in their appearance as older ones and it is getting hard to control the situation.

What makes teens get plastic surgery?

Luckily, the greatest majority of teens in America do not go for it, but the part of the ones who turn to plastic surgery is rapidly increasing. Surgeons report that there is the difference between the motivation of why teenagers and adults head into it: it is a way of finding one’s place within a group of friends or peers for teens, while for adults plastic surgery is one of the means helping to stand out from the mass.

Teens choose plastic surgery in order to correct a visible physical defect or to change a certain part of the body that causes negative self-evaluation and psychological dissatisfaction. Of course, the necessity for plastic surgery varies from patient to patient, but despite the degree of how bad or how good the case are, all teens claim that a physical improvement would make them fell better about the way they look.

What cosmetic surgery procedures do teens choose?

Nose reshaping, ear reshaping, acne and acne scar treatment, sometimes breast augmentation and breast reduction are some of the most popular procedures among teenage patients.

For example, guys with gynecomastia – exess breast tissue – that is related to a fast growing or a sudden weight loss may be looking for reduction procedure. A person with an inborn mark quite often chooses laser procedures to make it less obvious. However, there are some who choose such cosmetic surgery as otoplasty (a procedure when sticking out ears are pinned back a bit), botox for blepharospasm (nervous eye "ticks"), and hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating), dermabrasion (it helps to smooth severe acne scars), breast reduction (changes not only the size of breast but the shape as well), liposuction (sculpts localized areas of fat) and other.

How to make a right decision?

Before deciding if you really want to give yourself into plastic surgeon’s hands, talk to your parents and consider if your problem will always be a problem. Surveys show that teens are usually aware about their body changes related to time. Think about whether you want to undergo plastic surgery just for yourself or it is rather an attempt to please other people.

Always remember that body parts time related changes are inevitable and it sometimes happens that a certain part of your body grows quicker than the rest parts of it. However, it does not mean that it will always remain bigger, because human beings have a feature to follow the rules of proportion.

If you think that you are a little bit overweight, think about the alternatives that might give similar or maybe even better results than plastic surgery. Buying a membership in a gym can be a good start and following a balanced, effective and healthy diet would make things better.

Some people get extremely emotional during his/her teenage years. Physical changes make them feel uncomfortable and dislike themselves. However, quite often it is excessively far from reality and needs the help of psychologist rather than plastic surgeon.

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