Breast enhancement pills

For those who want their breasts to be enlarged but do not wish to undergo expensive and exhaustive surgical breast augmentation , breast enhancement pill may be the answer.

How breast enhancement pills work

Breast enhancement pills , offered by various manufacturers, consist of nucleoproteins an phytoestrogens. Nucleoproteins are substances that are responsible for controlling hormonal state of the body. They help the cells to regenerate and grow.

Phytoestrogens are plant estrogens and act as stimulants of the breast tissue growth. These preparations are non-hormonal, so there is no danger that they may interrupt with natural hormonal balance of the body. On the contrary, they make the breast to react in the same manner as it did in puberty. This way, the breast gradually becomes bigger and firmer.

Breast is made of mammary glands, fatty and connective tissue. Fatty tissue makes breasts larger and most substances, incorporated in the pills, regulate the growth of the fatty tissue cells.

Expected effects

Breast enhancement pills are claimed to provide with the following results:

  • It makes breasts one or two cups larger by making the cells of the fatty tissue grow and divide;
  • Breasts look firmer, tighter, fuller, and more youthful;
  • Outlines the breasts;
  • Makes a better looking cleavage.

Breast augmentation pills should be taken twice daily in order to achieve satisfactory effects. Their results are said to be more noticeable if used together with other methods of natural breast enhancement , such as creams and certain supplements.

Additional information about breast enhancement pills

  • Companies claim that breast enlargement pills are safer than the breast augmentation surgery and have no side effects, however, there are no studies organized to prove it.
  • Bear in mind, that companies do not offer 100% guarantee, therefore, you might not experience the effects of the breast augmentation pill, like other women do.
  • Results are noticeable after a few months of use but tend to be permanent.
  • There is no logical, scientific and medical explanation to prove the effects of breast augmentation pills. Too few clinical trials have been conducted to analyze the effectiveness and safety of these products, unlike breast augmentation surgery , which effects, risks, side effects, and complications are widely studied and known.

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