Massage after cosmetic plastic surgery

Nowadays plastic surgery is very popular amongst people. It is commonly known, that decision to undergo the plastic surgery requires careful preparation. The main,”job’’ is to find all the information which is necessary to know (pre-operation, what is done during the operation, is doctor who performs the procedure is qualified enough, post-operation). The theme of this article will be related to post-operative course; especially the biggest part will be intended for massage procedures.


On the one hand patients who desire massage procedures can feel free to have gentle massage during recovery period; however, usually doctors do not prescribe massage. It would be much better to wear a compression garment even essential. It helps to reduce swelling and discomfort. Also the ice packs are advisable. It helps to disappear swelling and bruising. On the other hand, practice shows, that the majority of patients prefer massage procedures rather wearing garment a few extra weeks or to use ice packs compresses. Besides it depends on a surgeon and what part of the body was operated. Every case is exceptional. In fact some doctors claim, that if operation is performed in the abdomen or inner thigh area, the massage would be very useful. Patient can start the procedures in a few weeks. It is forbidden to start massage at one dash, because the time is needed for scars to heal.

Breast augmentation

Usually patients start the massage in a few days post-operation and then every few days until mastery is demonstrated. The surgeon who performed the operation will show how the massage should be done. Initially this procedure should be done every 2-3 hours for a few days, later 2-3 times a day about for three weeks and finally three times a day forever. The process takes approximately three minutes. The massage is used to keep the breast implants wide open, that’s why the implants stay soft, freely moveable, soft to the touch and natural-appearing to the eye. As it was said before patients who have gone through breast augmentation should massage them daily to keep them softer.

To compare liposuction and breast augmentation cases, massage procedures are more popular amongst those people who undergo the breast augmentation operation. The main reason is necessity. Surgeons strictly recommend to do breast massage during post-operative course. In liposuction case the massage is not necessary only if the patient wants to. There are more useful methods to improve physical condition during the recovery period after the liposuction operation.

Skin after cosmetic procedures

Every surgical or non surgical procedure rebounds on a skin. Many people who decide to undergo one or another procedure ask such questions as “How will my skin look like? – What outcomes can I expect? Or can my chosen procedure spoil the skin?” and many others.

Liposuction and laser hair removal procedures have similar feature: they have direct impact with the skin. During liposuction subcutaneous layer of the skin is reconstructed to eliminate the excessive fat; during laser hair removal the subcutaneous layer of the skin is also reconstructed to eliminate unwanted hair.

Skin after liposuction

Those who undergo liposuction, usually worry about skin and ask their doctors what changes the operation will make. Strange though it may seem, but none! The appearance of skin after liposuction depends on its elasticity; it means that skin with good elasticity will look smooth and natural after liposuction. Even if the skin has poor level of elasticity, it usually looks good after the operation. Generally, younger people have better skin elasticity than older; this factor holds sway on the effective results of liposuction. Generally, those who have previously been obese and later lost a great amount of weight will have less skin elasticity than someone who has never been obese.

It is commonly known that the usual change of skin which is seen after liposuction is similar to condition when the great deal of fat is lost by dieting and exercising. Liposuction does not make skin to be more wrinkled. For instance, if there are wrinkles on the inner thighs or in an upper abdomen area prior the operation they will not disappear itself after the operation; liposuction will not help to fix them. This operation just eliminates the excessive fat it does not unwrinkle the skin.

Liposuction does not have any effect on a skin. After liposuction, blood and lymphatic vessels feel relieved of excessive fat. This makes skin look better; physical exercises and rational food are important to maintain the organism in the new good condition to help skin to look better. It is often seems to patients that no efforts are needed to improve the body condition after liposuction. They are wrong!! It is good to know that there are no changes done to the skin after liposuction, but they can arise if patients will not do main steps. It is necessary to wear a garment. It helps to “complete” theliposuction procedure; garment is needed for skin contraction. Light walking after liposuction will help too. This will help to reach the best results of good looking skin.

Skin after laser hair removal

There are some changes of a skin after laser hair removal. The redness always occurs after this procedure. It calms down within several hours, maximum in one day. Skin looks like it has a mild sunburn, but it disappears in a few weeks. However, there could be some permanent complications. Laser hair removal may cause skin discoloration or permanent scars. Every case is individual; doctors make tests to examine the skin to be sure whether the patient is a good candidate for laser hair removal or not.

Generally, majority of people who want to undergo laser hair removal are good candidates for laser hair removal. Cases when skin loses color are very rare. If there is any chance to occur for dramatic complications after laser hair removal, doctors always worn their patients. Much depends on skin sensitivity. More simple to eliminate blonde hair than dark hair. Blonde hair is light and thinner vice versa dark hair. It is possible that patient with the blonde hair will have less redness on the skin.

Also there can be skin irritation after laser hair removal, especially in a face, axilla, and bikini line or shin area. These places are the most sensitive. Irritation is normal reaction to laser hair removal and repairable. There a lot of products that are used after laser hair removal- various creams, gels, lotions. They are used in case skin irritation does not disappear in a few days. Doctors usually offer them to quicken the healing.

If you are looking for the surgeon…

It is not a secret that the results of  plastic surgery depend not only on our organisms’ resiliency, but even on plastic surgeon. Before choosing a doctor, read these advices, which were written especially for your better preparation for surgery.

1. First thing to be done is to find out for how many years surgeon has been practicing on the plastic surgery. Some well-known plastic surgeon associations (as ASAPS- American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) on their websites has published names of reliable surgeons, but sometimes the highly-skilled doctors are not members of these associations, so it would good to ask him about his/her practice by yourself.

2. Find out does the surgeon has any hospital benefits, where is he certified.

3. Do not make a final decision if you did not have minimum four consultations with different surgeons!

4. It is very important if you feel that you can trust surgeon. But if you see that doctor doesn’t pay attention on your concern, just say “Goodbye” and visit another doctor!

5. During the first consultation tell your doctor all reasons why do you want this cosmetic plastic surgery, do not forget to mention any body imperfections that make you upset and what result are you expecting.

6. Ask your surgeon what kind of surgical (or even nonsurgical) techniques are available for your procedure and which he/she would recommend for you.

7. Listen carefully what surgeon says! Ask him/her more questions about treatment, its risk, complications and results.

8. Ask the doctor how he/she will correct complications.

9. Ask the surgeon what you should do during your recovery period, what remedies should you take, will you need a caregiver, when can you return to work and daily activities.

10. Make clear what is the surgeon’s policy on revisions – will he/she charge for them or they are included to your total surgical price.

11. Ask your surgeon does he/she have 24-hours emergency line, is it possible to call him/her any time you feel discomfort and pain.

12. Don’t be shy to ask the surgeon to show before and after pictures (usually this photos represent the surgeon’s best work).

13. It is vitally important to discuss about total surgical price during the very first consultation. You have to be informed are the any additional costs (for ex., compression garments, remedies and etc.), will they return money if you decide to cancel the treatment and what payment options (cash, credit card, paying by instalments and etc.) are offered by the surgeon.

14. You can search for additional information by yourself. Sometimes it’s quite useful to read messages on forums and discussion boards.

Exercising after cosmetic and plastic surgery

Everyone wants to feel himself attractive, but not everybody have this gift. That is why many people have decided to go through cosmetic surgery. The majority of them think that the hardest part is to make up one’s mind for the surgery, but this is not true! The most difficult part is the post-operative period.

Many patients ask their doctors, what they should do during the post-operative period. Also, doctors themselves give practical advices to their patients. Sport activities are especially emphasized. This article will be concentrated on exercising after liposuction , breast augmentation surgery , rhinoplasty surgery and laser eye surgery .


Generally, during a few first days’ patients take strong pain medicine and stay at home. On the first week they take milder medicine; during this period they can start light exercises, such as walking, but not impact exercises such as running or aerobics. The decision to go in for sports at one dash will have tragic outcome on patient’s health. On the second week patient can start to use exercise machines, and, finally the running and aerobics can be done other three weeks. There are no strict rules for exercising after cosmetic surgery, because every organism reacts individually, however, doctors recommend their patients to do light exercises. Initially, patients should not attempt too much exercise. Besides, it is rather difficult to do exercises wearing a garment that is why surgeon every time reminds their patients to wait and to start sport activities in a few weeks after the operation. There is no rush!! The scars and bruises should heal. As it was said earlier, the best exercise after the liposuction surgery is walking. All the patients should be physically able to walk in a few days after the operation. Short walks are strictly recommended, because if patient remains in bed he/she increases the risk for blood clots in the legs and lungs. Some patients who underwent the liposuction said that it was very difficult to start walking, because the pain they felt was hazardous, it was impossible to stand up. Also they said they dissipated a lot of energy during the recovery period and they hope that this will never happen again. The best solution would be to do about 25% of usual amount of exercises no matter how hard it would be (practice shows, that everyday it will be easier to do light exercises) and thereafter increase the daily exercise as tolerated.

Breast augmentation

The surgeon who performed the breast augmentation surgery knows what is appropriate for his patient; he/she gives recommendations on what level the physical activities should be resumed. As a rule, heavy lifting, pulling should be avoided for at least six weeks. However, women can do normal activities at any time if they cause no pain or discomfort. Let the body tells the patient what she can do or not do. Gentle walks are allowed within few days after breast augmentation . WARNING: do not return to aerobic exercises for three weeks, because aerobic exercises can raise a blood pressure, which can cause late bleeding and can harm the results. Don’t rush, begin with light exercises! Instead of choosing exercises for the good of your health better focus on massage procedures, it is more useful than sport activities. Breast massage helps to format the shape of it.


People who decided to undergo the rhinoplasty surgery should be very careful during the recovery time. They can start exercising only in a few weeks. It is indescribable dangerous to start doing exercises beforehand. After the rhinoplasty surgery the blood-vessels are very sensitive in the nose area. If you start to do exercises beforehand the vessels will not stand and the nose will start to bleed, what can harm the final results. During the activities the access of oxygen is more active. It influences the healing process. The smallest bruise while exercising can damage the shape of the nose, if it will happen, the new operation will be needed! Keep this in mind! Let your nose to heal properly.

Laser eye surgery

The exercising is very helpful after laser eye surgery . It helps to restore the natural flexibility of the eyes optimizing the visual performance. It is recommended to start exercising in a few days after the laser eye surgery. Exercising helps to improve the eyesight. Patients should do exercises several times a day for a few minutes. Ask your surgeon and he/she will show what exercises should be done. These exercises aren’t necessary, but telling the truth very useful! Everything depends on a patients’ willpower, if they want to they are welcome to help themselves to reach the best results.

The use of alcohol after cosmetic plastic surgery

The theme of the article was not selected incidentally. Alcohol has become a part of entertainment. Many people consume it. They are used to drink alcohol drinks on a daily basis (glass of beer or wine). The question “Can I drink alcohol before and after the operation?” is very frequent amongst people who decide to undergo cosmetic/plastic surgery. Doctors strictly recommend not doing this.

If you are a person who consume alcohol you should stop doing this one week prior to operation, because alcohol fouls the organism. It slows the movement of food through the stomach and irritates the stomach lining, what can cause vomit. Also alcohol can cause the effect of sedative agent, in such case it would be more difficult for the anesthesiologist to measure the proper doses of anesthetics.

After the plastic surgery patients should avoid consuming any alcohol drinks during the next 48 hours, because alcohol dilates blood vessels what leads to postoperative bleeding. This negative factor can ruin the results of surgery. Prescribing the pain medicine doctors always warn their patients that the combination of alcohol and pain relief pills can be very dangerous. It can raise serious health problems and even lead to death.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND PATIENT, DON’T DRINK ANY ALCOHOL DRINKS, EVEN LIGHT ONE!! Alcohol really can damage your health and destroy the results of plastic surgery , even more, it can cause bleeding and negative effects on your organism, such as vomiting or sick- headache. In a few weeks after cosmetic/plastic surgery patients if they really want may drink alcohol drinks but in moderation, otherwise they know what can happen! Excessive consumption of alcohol increases the chances to damage the results of surgery. The best would be to forget about any alcohol drinks during the recovery time instead use your time for more useful things, such as walking, doing light exercises, cosset yourself with massage procedures.

Alternatives to popular cosmetic procedures

It’s not a secret that everybody wants to look
beautiful. Our appearance
is our visiting-card. Accordingly people try to look good.  For
reason women and man use different means – thet rack themselves with
diet or exercising, wrinkle or fat relief methods and with many others
surgical and nonsurgical
cosmetic procedures. But what to do if you are not a good candidate for
laser hair removal, liposuction, rhinoplasty or any other surgery? This
article provides you the opportunity to find the alternative to popular
cosmetical procedures!

{mospagebreak heading=Alternatives to popluar cosmetic procedures&title=Alternatives to laser hair removal}
Alternatives to laser hair removal

As you all know nowadays people more often choose
laser hair removal rather than shaving or waxing. The laser hair
removal procedures cost much; still people toughly undergo this
procedure. 4-5 sessions and you will not have any problems with
unwanted hair for a very long time. However, laser hair removal
much, thus professionals of cosmetic surgery field
offer other ways how you can rid off unwanted hair.

It is very simple technique; this technique does not affect coarseness
and thickness of hair itself. It can be combined with cream or lotions
to produce smoother results; however, it is transient solution and
requires constant shaving to maintain a hair free appearance.


This procedure can be used for large areas at one time. Results last a
month or longer, depend on strength of the hair, but it does not have
long-term effect on the hair follicle or growth of hair. Also waxing is
very painful procedure, especially in bikini line – the most sensitive
area of the body. Besides waxing can cause redness, may stimulate the
process of ingrown hair or allergic reaction.

Depilatory tweezers are very popular amongst those who wants to
eliminate unwanted hair for a longer time, but can not afford laser
hair removal procedures. The unwanted hair is eliminated one by one
when the depilatory tweezer is used. This procedure is painful too.
Hair follicles are not permanently disabled; the regrow will occur.
Besides the treatment is temporary!

How the procedure is performed? – The needle is inserted into the
skin (it may be very painful) to damage the follicle. Sterile needles
should be used each time, because electrolysis treats only one hair at
a time. Telling the truth it is tedious and harassing procedure, which
requires a lot of time and can last several months or even years (it
depends on how hairy the treated area is) – it is impossible to remove
all unwanted hair within few weeks. Also there is a risk to inflame the
skin what leads to scarring.
{mospagebreak heading=Alternatives to popular cosmetic procedures&title=Alternatives to liposuction}
Alternatives to liposuction 

Women always wanted to look perfectly – they
wanted to have beautiful face and good looking body. Women who had
problems with weight, made up their mind to undergo the liposuction
, when the liposuction technique became available for society.
The majority of them were satisfied with results. Liposuction was so
popular that it achieved the distinction of being the most popular
cosmetic surgical procedure! However liposuction is a very serious
surgical procedure and may involve a painful recovery. Still many women
and even man decide to undergo the liposuction.

Sometimes people change their mind not to do the operation; sometimes
doctors refuse to perform the operation, claiming that patient is not a
good candidate for liposuction, because he/she has health problems. In
such case people try to find alternatives to liposuction.
The way to achieve weight loss is making by lifestyle changes. Healthy
eating and proper exercises in daily routine will help to shape the
body. Choose a diet that will allow losing weight safely and
effectively. It should be balanced both hormonally and calories,
including a variety of fresh, wholesome foods. For people who decided
not to undergo the fat soaking operation, there are four solutions: to
go on a diet; exercise; accept the body as it is; use clothing or
make-up to downplay or emphasize body or facial features. Also there
are such alternatives as abdominoplasty or reduction mammaplasty. The
last two alternatives are up for concrete areas of the body.

Otherwise called “tummy tuck” is a cosmetic surgical procedure used for
reshaping the abdomen. The excess fat is removed from the middle and
lower abdomen in order to tighten the skin. Sometimes when the big part
of weight is missed out, the unnecessary skin stays; in such case the
abdominoplasty is the only way to remove it.

Reduction mammaplasty or breast reduction
Women with large breasts may have health problems caused by the
excessive weight from back. Bra straps may leave marks on the
shoulders. Reduction mammaplasty is designed for such women. It helps
to decrease the pain in the back area. Large breasts mean heavy
breasts. Heaviness causes the pain in the back and neck area. There
were cases when women have problems with breathing or skin (heavy
breast entrain the skin).
Generally last two cases are not alternatives it is more likely an exception.

The most reasonable alternatives to liposuction are exercising and going on a diet.
Initially, people should try to slim down by using “natural
liposuction”. There a lot of sport clubs, that offers variety of sport
programs, different sport activities in swimming pool. Instead of
losing weight by eating nothing they can book a visit to dietician who
will prescribe the proper diet for them. If the results won’t be
satisfactory after all they have done they may choose to undergo

People become spoiled. They pay money for cosmetic surgical procedures
instead of trying to reach positive results by themselves. It is
understandable when people undergo laser eye operation or rhinoplasty,
or laser hair removal, or breast correction, but overweight can be
fixed by natural means, liposuction is not the only solution to improve
body lines!

{mospagebreak heading=Alternatives to popluar cosmetic procedures&title=Alternatives to breast augmentation}
Alternatives to breast augmentation

A lot of women undergo breast augmentation surgery to reshape or
to enlarge the breasts. Every woman wants to have beautiful bust!
Breast augmentation
is not the only way.

BRAVA system

There is one more possibility to increase the breast without surgical
help! It could be reached by wearing the Brava system 10 hours a day
for 10 weeks. Women can grow their breasts by one cup or sometimes even
more. This natural enhancement is the clinically proven method to
enlarge and improve the shape of the breasts. The principle of BRAVA
system is "tension induced tissue growth". The result is natural and
beautiful breasts. The results are 99.5% permanent. It is especially
popular choice among women who have breast-fed and want to fill and
lift not good looking breasts; very athletic women who want to have
more feminized bodies but are against the breast augmentation surgery,
and a variety of women who want to enlarge their breasts for one cup
size. BRAVA system alike a bra with two plastic domes that are
connected to a suction device, that’s why most patients quickly get
used to sleeping in it – because for women it is natural to wear a bra.
The only disadvantage that BRAVA system has is a "long fix"; you maybe
needed several months to see final results; so if you decided to try
this system be ready for waiting and be patient.
{mospagebreak heading=Alternatives to popluar cosmetic procedures&title=Alternatives to rhinoplasty}
Alternatives to rhinoplasty

Are there any alternatives to rhinoplasty? – is a
frequent question amongst those who want to fix their nose, but do not
want to choose rhinoplasty. For other purposes such as breathing
problems there are some alternatives, but not many. For instance if
there is a problem with breathing through the nose doctors can help by
offering the steam-heat procedures or procedures that contains cream
therapy. If patient wants to change the appearance of the nose the
rhinoplasty is necessary – even face massage is helpless in this case.
The other way would be to work on other aspects of the face to improve
proportion. It can be helpful; imagine a patient with a large nose and
a small chin; by treating the chin the balance and harmony to the
facial features can be reached. However, the changes of the chin would
be significant! On the other hand it would be a huge mistake to try to
take a large nose and make it very small to match a very small chin.
Also soft tissue fillers can sometimes conceal nasal defects, but only
the small ones. If person has a small chin, a chin implant can be used
to balance a large appearing nose. The make up can be used too. It
hides the imperfection – pro tempore. There are no other possibilities.
So if you decided to change the shape of your nose, there is the only
way to do it – to choose rhinoplasty.
{mospagebreak heading=Alternatives to popluar cosmetic procedures&title=Alternatives to laser eye surgery}
Alternatives to laser eye surgery
Laser eye surgery become more and more popular,
because it gives a possibility to put away glasses or contact lenses.
However, there are people who don’t want to choose such alternatives.
They rather prefer to use another ways to improve their seeing.
Sooner or later comes the time, when people feel that their seeing is
not as perfect as before. What to do? – Laser eye surgery isn’t the
only mean to improve seeing. The majority of people choose to wear
glasses or contact lenses. It is affordable and convenient. It depends
on a person. Some people prefer glasses some not. Others say that
contact lenses are a better choice. Beside if there are some doubts
which way to choose the best solution would be to contact with oculist
and discuss other alternatives? Usually such possibilities are offered:
lensectomy with intraocular lens implant – the natural lens is removed
and is replaced with an intraocular lens implant; phakic IOL
(intraocular lens) or ICL (intraocular contact lens) – insertion of an
artificial lens without removing the crystalline lens; intracorneal
rings – intracorneal rings are plastic inserts placed in the cornea.
The rings flatten the central cornea in purpose to correct the
nearsightedness (myopia). Intracorneal rings can be removed. If
intracorneal rings are removed the cornea returns to its preoperative
shape and nearsighted come backs; radial keratotomy – radial keratotomy
is a surgical procedure. Its’ purpose is to remove or reduce ametropia
(eyes with vision defects such as myopia, hyperopic or astigmatism are
unable properly focus on light rays into a clear image. If ametropia
occurs it requires corrective lenses or eye surgery). With a help of RK
the central corneal curvature is reduced; myopic or hyperopic
keratomileusis or automated lamellar keratoplasty is used to correct
nearsightedness and farsightedness – microkeratome is used to remove a
thin slice of the cornea from the eye to reshape it for corrected
vision; astigmatic keratotomy is a modification of radial keratotomy is
used to correct astigmatism; myopic or hyperopic epikeratophakia –
during this procedure the refractive error of the lens is modified by
the transplantation of a donor cornea to the anterior surface of the
patient’s cornea. All these procedures are related technically, the
main difference is that every procedure is specialized on a different
vision correction (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism).
heading=Alternatives to popular cosmetic procedures&title=Alternatives to tummy tuck}
Alternatives to tummy tuck

tuck procedure is performed when the unnecessary skin is left in
abdomen area after the loosing weight. Patients who have unnecessary
skin and fat on the abdomen are best treated with a tummy tuck. Still
some people don’t want to undergo tummy tuck and prefer to choose the
alternative of it. The potential alternative would be liposuction.
People who have problems with excess skin on the abdomen also can be
candidates for liposuction. But doctors say that it is not the best
solution. They say that liposuction is performed to remove the fat, not
the skin! Removing the excess skin from the abdomen with liposuction
help when the skin and muscle is tightening results can be dramatic. In
short liposuction is not recommended, because the results are
unpredictable. Another alternative would be a mini tummy tuck. This
procedure improves the appearance of the abdomen only. During a mini
tummy tuck, a short horizontal incision is made to separate the skin
between the incision line and the navel. There is one more procedure –
endoscopic tummy tuck. Good candidates are those who have looseness of
the abdominal wall but not loose skin or stretch marks.
If you have not decided which procedure to choose, but remember your
health is the most important thing, be careful and think twice which
procedure would be better. It is always good to know what the final
results will be.
heading=Alternatives to popular cosmetic procedures&title=Alternatives to eyelid surgery} 
Alternatives to eyelid surgery

It depends upon how much help the eyelids require
to look better. One of the alternatives is to get enough sleep and
fresh air. The cutting down on smoking and drinking also can help. The
light-reflective make up is available too. These means are the
simplest. Use creams, gels and beauty treatments, other skin
preparations to improve the appearance to tighten the skin around the
eyes and to reduce dark rings, however, there is no scientific proof
that they work on a permanent basis. Means of beauty should be used
regularly otherwise initial appearance will come back. If there is a
problem with a heavy brow that contributes to drooping upper eyelid
skin the eyelid surgery can be performed, but if patient doesn’t want
to the alternative of procedure would be brow lift that also can fix
the problem. If there is an absence of excess fat in the lower eyelids,
a simple resurfacing procedure may be very useful. If patient have a
need to rid off lines the treatment with botox will perfectly fit! As
fine lines begin to occur, particularly those that form around the
mouth and eyes laser resurfacing can help minimize them!

A minimum age for cosmetic procedures

For every plastic procedure there is a minimum age, which was regulated by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), it is a department of health and human services. What is the right age for the cosmetic surgery? – It is frequently asked question by people who are undergoing for cosmetic surgery, especially by teenagers. Different kinds of surgery (rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, laser hair removal, laser eye surgery) requires a different minimum age.


Cosmetic procedure of the nose can be performed on men and women of almost any age. But it is usually recommended that young people wait until facial growth is complete – about age 13 – 14 for girls or 14 – 15 for boys. There is no minimum age requirement for this procedure, however, surgeons normally prefer that the nose would be fully developed. Many teenagers will reconsider their desire to get plastic surgery as they get a little bit older and already mature.


There is no true age limit, but 17 nor 18 is the minimum age the surgeons would consider. An issue of psychological and emotional development in teenagers must be taken in consideration. It is well known that many teenagers, young women and men, suffer from distorted body images. Many surgeons prefer to try to allow their younger patients to view themselves differently. Still surgeons suggest counseling at psychologist for teenagers who are particularly obsessed with negative body images and to wait for the time when he/she will be likely candidate for liposuction , it means at age of 18. Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers. Fortunately, patients under 18 still only make up approximately 1% of all patients having liposuction performed.

Breast augmentation

The average age for breast augmentation is between 19 and 34 years of age. The FDA will not allow any cosmetic breast augmentation under age 18 (it is acceptable to do reconstructive and corrective surgery under 18 years old). If health allows, there is no age cut off.

Laser eye surgery

There is no strict age requirement. Glasses prescription remains relatively stable at age of 20-21. The key to being a good candidate is that your glasses and/or contact lens prescription should be relatively stable. LASIK is safe for teens, but it is not recommended for most teenagers. It is best to have LASIK only when the eyes have stopped changing, which is frequently in the very late teenage years or during at ge of 20. If LASIK have been done before the eyes stop changing, patient will need to come back and have further LASIK after the eyes stop changing.

Laser hair removal

Although it is safe for people of all ages, professionals don’t recommend that teenagers undergo laser hair removal , because their system of hair growth is not fully developed. The laser removes what is present, but it doesn’t prevent hair systems still in the making from regenerating.. Better to wait a few years to reap the full benefits.

Recommendations for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

These recommendations for cosmetic plastic surgery preparation and period of recovery are the essential guide that will inform you how to deal with cosmetic plastic surgery , give tips and advices for better preparation and recovery process. Follow these recommendations and reach the best results!

1. It is vitally important to have a caregiver after a surgery. It could be family member, best friend, even a professional nurse. You may ask- why do I need a caregiver? Well, first thing to be said- it’s strongly not recommended to spend first 1-3 days (depends on the surgery) alone! Carer will help you with everyday cares such as feeding, walking you to rest room, cleaning your incisions, to put ice packs on swollen body areas, giving you medications and etc. Having a good and responsible caregiver will allow you to rest and sleep more, save your energy for recovery period and have emotional maintenance from another person.

2. You have to be ready that after surgery you may be irritable, angry, low of energy and every trivial thing may make you upset. It would be better for you to avoid any guests who are not going to support you and limit phone conversations.

3. If you had cosmetic surgery on facial area, don’t use any make-up for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Also you must avoid using any skincare, hair products, foods, which contain Vitamin E for 2-3 week before and after surgery. This vitamin is a blood thinner that may worsen bleeding during surgery and worsen your post-operative bruising.

4. Try to reduce your caffeine intake step-by-step starting 3 week before having a surgery. Then totally avoid it as you get into the last week before procedure. After surgery still keep caffeine out of your daily menu for 2 weeks. Remember, no coffee, tea and any kind of caffeine containing soda!

5. Lots of patients ask the same question – do I have to stop drinking alcohol and smoking before surgery? The answer is YES. Both these bad habits must be stopped for a minimum 3-4 weeks before surgery and at least 3 weeks during post-operative period. Avoiding this rule may cause inferior incarnation of your scars, complications and negative reaction with anesthesia.

6.  Every surgery includes a number of complications, which may contain swelling, bruising, pain and etc. Swelling is the most common complication, so it is recommended to use ice packs during the first 2-3 days after surgery. Put an ice pack to swollen area every hour for 20 minutes, and then make 40 min break and put it on again. You have to ask your caregiver to apply these ice packs while you sleep. Remember, never put an ice pack directly on your skin! First put a thin towel on swollen area and then place an ice pack.

7. Using homeopathic drugs may decrease swelling and bruising after surgery. You should start to take them a couple of weeks before surgery or few days prior to surgery and continue taking them for several days after procedure and up to 2 weeks post-operate.

8. Please, don’t touch, rub, bump your incision areas and avoid using any skincare products near your cuts!

9. When a surgeon removes sutures from your incisions, you must protect your scars from the sun with sunscreen worn for first 6 month after surgery. To further reduce scars, you may use scar healing products such as gels, homeopathic creams, vitamin E oil, and even manual massage.

10.  If you are planning to have great weekend, for example, in spa center, you must avoid hot saunas and Jacuzzi for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Also, when you are taking a shower, try to avoid hot water stream, because this can cause the swelling.

11. For facial procedures, you have to avoid using any kind of acids, which include astringents; exfoliants and alpha-hydroxyl till 3-4 weeks post-operation because they van irritate your vulnerable skin. Don’t color your hair and avoid waxing and tweezing facial hair for 1 month after a surgery. Also you should keep away from any skin treatments and haircuts.

12.  If you need to go out in public place, you will need to hide bruising and swelling. So, it may be necessary to buy specialized paramedical makeup (creams, foundations, color correctors), which will help you to hide all skin defects.

13. Do not raise anything heavier than about 10 pounds for at least 1 month after surgery. Such daily things as sport, exercising and even sex must be eliminated for a least 3 weeks.

14. You must avoid driving when you are taking pain relief pills or any other medications, which may cause somnolence or impair your vision.

15. It is not a secret that for plastic procedure , which include anesthesia where you may fell nauseous, so it is strongly recommended select non-spicy, non-chewy food that will not irritate your stomach. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water, vegetable juice or protein drinks per day to flash out poison and toxins, reduce the effect of qualm and dehydration.

16. If you are not able to hire a caregiver, help yourself by your own: set the table near your bed with telephone, water, medications, remote controls, doctor’s telephone number and wet napkins to clean your hands without soap. Also it is recommended to keep thermometer and incision kit close to you either.

17. Before the surgery, prepare your bed with clean bedding; choose the most suitable pillow for your elevated position.

18.  Keep your jalousies or curtains close to let you get sleep and avoid unwanted sunlight.

19. Do not use aspirin and ibuprofen for 2-3 weeks before surgery and for 2-3 weeks after it as they are blood thinners and may augment bleeding during surgery and post-operative bruising.

20. If you are taking pain relief pills after surgery, it’s important that you have something to eat each time before using them. Sometimes, persons may not have appetite, but try to eat a few salt-free crackers and then drink the water with your pill.

21. Report to your doctor all medications, supplements, homeopathic drugs, and any other products that you take during your daily life or are considering taking in the weeks before and after your procedure.

Smoking and surgery

Most of us know what the risk of smoking is and even more there are certain situations when risk is more dangerous than usual. One of these situations is smoking before surgery. The latest studies at the Medical College of Wisconsin have shown that smoking before surgery can minify blood flow to the heart. Harvey J. Woehlk, M.D., found that those who smoked during the last 24 hours before outpatient surgery with general anesthesia were having episodes of inadequate oxygen supply to the heart 20 time more than those who were non-smokers, ex-smokers.

Smoking can damaged heart if untreated. Dr. Woehlck says: "General anesthesia and surgery cause stress.There is the possibility of pain, changes in blood pressure, loss of blood, and other events that occur during surgery." These episodes of inadequate oxygen supply to the heart in patients who were taken part in the study lasted only a few minutes because they were being observed. "We were able to reduce cardiac workload with medications and avoid problems in these patients. If this goes untreated for 20 to 30 minutes it can begin to damage the heart muscle, similar to the damaged that occurs during a heart attack.” Dr. Woehlck and the researchers in this study observed 740 patients under the age 65. Of those who participated in the study, 274 were smokers, and 67 of the smokers had smoked before surgery, despite the order to resist from smoking prior to their surgery. Dr. Woehlck says that people prefer to have outpatient surgery, instead of being hospitalizated, and thus have access to cigarettes before their surgery. This can cause bad decisions – despite warnings against it, nevertheless some patients do smoke shortly before their procedure. Dr. Woehlck warns "Don’t smoke before surgery." And also notes that smoking is an unhealthy habit, and when it is combined with the stress of surgery, it can be doubly hazardous. "You can do one thing wrong and maybe get away with it. If you do two things wrong at the same time, it will catch up with you,” says Dr. Woehlck.


Cigarette smoking remains the main preventable cause of death in the United States, accounting for approximately 1 of every 5 deaths (440,000 people) each year. Coronary heart disease, cancer (all types) can be caused by smoking.

According to researchers patients can help themselves to improve their results after surgery if they are nonsmokers or have stopped smoking. Results after surgery were significantly better for people who never smoked and for those who stopped smoking than for smokers.

The problem is that smoking reduces the amount of oxygen available to the cell for healing. It happens when the small blood vessels shrink, the amount of hemoglobin available to move oxygen around the body and by interfering with the special chemicals that allow the release of oxygen to the cells reduces. There is some evidence that smoking in those around you – second hand smoke – may also delay healing or cause problems. Most doctors prefer that their patients would stop smoking for several weeks before surgery. Unfortunately, the use of nicotine gum is helpless around the time of surgery. The nicotine can interfere with healing in the same way as nicotine in cigarettes. Smoking crosses with healing because it reduces the blood flow to the cell the ability of hemoglobin to move oxygen and finally it reduces the amount of oxygen released to the cells.

Smoking and liposuction

For general health reasons, it is recommended that all patients stop smoking. It is obvious that smoking increases the risk for developing for such deseases as cancer (all sorts), breathing problems (emphysema) and circulatory problems, heart attacks are also linked to smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of coughing after the surgery. This can lead to unwanted bleeding. As it was mentioned smoking reduces blood flow that can result in skin loss during the healing period. These problems can destroy the results of liposuction and lead to revision surgery. It is always best to stop smoking. Smoking delays healing and can cause skin’s death leaving bad scars. Doctors prefer their patients to stop smoking for two weeks before and after the operation. If you need help to stop, contact particular associations which can help you. Don’t smoke 3 weeks before and after surgery. Smoking has a deep effect on reducing wound healing capabilities. It significantly increases the risk for infection to appear, wound healing problems, and scar formation. It also affects making the anesthesia. Some difficulties can arise during the anesthesia procedure.

Smoking and breast augmentation

Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, which slow healing by the constricting the capillaries. Most doctors will reccomend that you will stop smoking prior to your surgery. Breast lift patients have even more reason to stop smoking. Why? – Lack of oxygen to the tissues can cause necrosis, this means death of healthy tissue. Due to the amount of hacks that are using during the breast lift (depending on what type of lift you get), you will most certainly not want to endager the level of oxygen that is supplied to those tissues. In some cases, lack of oxygen can lead to necrosis, which can lead to extrusion of the breast implants , not to mention about a higher risk of infection, as well as ugly scarring.

Smoking and rhinoplasty

If you’re a smoker, it’s important that you stop smoking for at least two weeks before and after rhinoplasty . Smoking significantly reduces your body’s circulation and vascularity, besides smokers generally heal slower and increase their risk of other complications such as necrosis, scarring, and skin loss. Also there are another issues related to smoking after rhinoplasty which can cause potentional coplications, these are: airway obstruction; anesthesia reaction; asymmetry; bleeding – bleeding can occur for up to four weeks following surgery, to fix this problem, the nasal packing may be required to control the bleeding and to minimize it. It is important that the patient not blow or pick the nose; burst blood vessels – though a rare occurrence; it is possible for small burst blood vessels to appear on the surface of the skin as tiny red spots which may be permanent; depressions of the skin; discoloration of the skin; extrusion of implants, and many others complications.

This information was not set forth to scare you, it was set forth to bring “smoking problem” up to discussion, and to show what can happen if you won’t stop smoking at least for a period of time, while all the course of healing will be over.