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Plastic surgery cost: USA vs. Europe PDF Print E-mail

plastic surgery costPrices for plastic surgery depend not only on the type of the procedure performed but also on the area, country, region and clinic. Usually prices for cosmetic surgery in Western European countries are about 20 % to 30 % lower than the same prices in the USA. Costs for plastic surgery in Eastern European countries are even more attractive to the patients. These prices are usually 40 % to 70% lower comparing to the same procedures in the US.

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Reconstructive surgery PDF Print E-mail

Reconstructive surgery is a broad branch of surgery that involves procedures that help to change abnormal and damaged tissues or organs in order to restore their function and normal appearance. Even though most of the procedures are performed by plastic surgeons, this type of surgery differs from cosmetic one. The goal of cosmetic procedure is to change features that a patient is not happy about and features that do not match the ideal ones. Reconstructive surgery procedures are done on damaged parts of the body, either due to birth defects, development deterioration, injury, disease, tumors or infection.

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Scars after plastic surgery PDF Print E-mail

Plastic surgery as any intervention into your body leaves its trace – the scars. Many people before the procedure inquire about the scars which will appear after the surgery, the depth and the size of them as well as the time they will fade away. Naturally every characteristic depends on the part of the body to which the plastic surgery was applied.

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Depression after plastic surgery PDF Print E-mail

depression after surgeryPlastic surgery is a big step in your life. The need for it is more of psychological nature. And this is no wonder, because even a small change in your appearance can strongly affect your inside.

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Plastic surgery after pregnancy PDF Print E-mail

plastic surgery after pregnancyGiving a birth is a gift that nature gave to women. Most women enjoy being pregnant, but for some of them body changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding takes away the joy. Many women find that their tummy after childbirth became flappy (because of excess skin) and full of stretch marks; the breast after breastfeeding has lost its nice shape, also sometimes there are changes in skin pigmentation and etc. These changes may frustrate and depress a woman, because each woman one wants to look as attractive as she was before pregnancy. Well, if a woman wants to restore her pre-pregnancy form, there are some options to choose – nonsurgical procedures (exercising, dieting) or plastic surgery. However, many women prefer to have plastic surgery .

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Plastic surgery financing PDF Print E-mail

Plastic surgery financingEveryone knows that plastic surgeries and other cosmetic procedures are expensive and health insurance does not cover most of them. Because of that reason, many people put off plans for having surgical or nonsurgical procedures. Fortunately, plastic surgery financing makes procedures affordable for those, who do not have enough money for that.

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Are you addicted to plastic surgery? PDF Print E-mail

The survey of American Society of Plastic Surgery carried out in 2000 had shown that two-thirds of cosmetic procedures patients are repeaters. This suggests that plastic surgery is another niche for a new kind of addiction to emerge, but due to a rather young practice of cosmetic surgery, it has not been investigated much.

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Teens and plastic surgery PDF Print E-mail

Perhaps that should not even be surprising that teenagers have started applying the plastic surgery topic for themselves. The very first reason for the cosmetic surgery being the desire to look younger, it is no longer relevant for today. Young people are as interested in changing something in their appearance as older ones and it is getting hard to control the situation.

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Permanent hair removal PDF Print E-mail

permanent hair removalPeople, who have unwanted hair in certain places of their body, know how frustrating it can be to choose the right method for hair removal. They are also aware of how much time and money it requires to get rid off unwanted hair. However, growing demand for good image and beautiful looks make people overcome all the trouble that hair removal brings. Fortunately, there are modern methods that people can choose to get rid off unwanted hair most probably for good.

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Breastfeeding after breast augmentation PDF Print E-mail

breast feedingOne of the most important functions of the breasts is breastfeeding. Therefore women, who wish and plan to have breast augmentation or any other breast surgery, are concerned whether they will be able to nurse their babies after the procedure or not. This ability after surgery depends upon various factors but the answer to the question is “yes” although you should be aware of all the possible complications and risks.

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